Our outreach ministries at Union Avenue Christian Church follow Christ’s example of reaching out into the world to share, to heal, to offer hope and compassion, and to change lives. As a faith community, we share the compelling belief that every person is valuable and was created with unique abilities and purpose.

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The tradition of lifelong religious education at Union Avenue Christian Church dates back to the church’s founding. It was Dr. James M. Philputt, Union Avenue’s first senior minister, who nudged the congregation into examining the Bible and sacred texts in new ways — consistent with “modern scholarly interpretation.”

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ARTIST: Ben pierce -- apocrypha

ARTIST: Ben pierce -- apocrypha

The arts help us to encounter the holy and the sacred. The arts inspire us to look at ourselves and our lives, reminding us of the possibility of a full human life — full in the sense of the exercise of our imagination, the use of our perceptions and senses, and the questioning of the unknown and the incomplete.

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