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The members of the League of 32 Signs are six Saint Louis artists who share the imagery of the geometric signs that appear around the world in prehistoric rock art. These 32 signs, first noted by paleoanthropologist Genevieve Von Petzinger in European caves, are at least 65,000 years old, and have been used by humans, including Neanderthals, from the paleolithic to the present day. While the signs almost certainly had meaning, they have not been deciphered. The artists of the League of 32 Signs use them intuitively to celebrate the incredible continuity and universality of this most ancient art form.

The League of 32 Signs is a diverse group of artists, including Linda Horsley, Wendy Wees, Josef Galvez, Brandon Daniels, Patrick Weck, and Milo Duke. Each of the artists use as an intuitive aspect of their art the 32 geometric signs that have been found on cave and rock art around the world from palaeolithic times to the present. The group has been together for about 18 months and its first exhibition of paintings runs June 13 through July 14 in the Gretchen Brigham Gallery. An opening reception of the group’s work is Saturday, June 15, 6 – 8 p.m.