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"Rather than going to church, we must go and BE THE CHURCH," Rev. Michael Riggs said to us in his message Sunday, March 10. "Rather than see Church as a destination for consuming a spiritual product, we must see the Church as participation in a life-long pilgrimage of giving oneself for the sake of others," he said.

And with that challenge in mind our OUTREACH MINISTRY TEAM is setting the table before us to reach out in compassion for the sake of our neighbors in need. Each remaining Sunday in the Season of Lent, continuing through Palm Sunday, April 14, our fellowship time following worship will be transformed into a time to BE THE CHURCH for the sake of others. Everyone is invited to stay, fix themselves a simple lunch from the food provided, sit and enjoy the company of others. We'll then make brown bag lunches with the leftovers that will be delivered to GATEWAY 180, an organization we've worked with over the last several years through our Urban Mission Inn ministry. 

There's no need to make a reservation, you don't have to eat if you choose not to, just join us in the Fellowship Room following worship with an attitude to BE THE CHURCH. This is a work in progress so leave your expectations at home and join us on this pilgrimage through the Season of Lent.

Last Sunday we delivered 58 BROWN BAGS to GATEWAY 180; this week we hope to deliver more with your help.