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For many Christians, from seekers to scholars, Mark is an unusual book. It has three endings, only one of which was written by Mark, and the real ending is unsettling to say the least! It doesn’t ever mention the birth of Christ. Everything in it happens immediately as if Mark is in a hurry to finish telling his story. (It’s also the shortest of the four canonical gospels.) While second in canonical order, it’s the first gospel written and served as the model for both Matthew and Luke. Mark may be unusual, but the message Mark brings is unusually important for our faith journey. It gives us a new lens by which to see our faith and read scripture. It promises to challenge and change our understanding of gospel and renew our passion for wrestling with one of the greatest questions of our faith, “Who is this Christ?” Mark’s 16 short chapters can change your entire faith perspective and help us all discover the Way that leads to Life. 

Beginning the week of Monday, January 14 — the exact time and date and location T.B.D. — we will dig into the GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MARK with a weekly Bible study. So if you are willing to meet with others similarly hungry and thirsty for more Christ in their Christianity, contact Rev. Michael as he puts together a group of daring disciples in search of good news.