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With hope I arose and went into your house when called to the worship of your name. I entered and now stand singing at your gates with all those gathered to worship and adore you. Your holy name becomes for us a blessed city, a place of peace that draws us deeper in, where people of every tongue and race rise up before the presence of your face to know and love the God of peace as one. So in this hallowed space and ground, your judgment and your rule of love, becomes for us a kingdom. And may that kingdom come, your peace be done over all the earth, we pray.
— Ancient Songs Sung Anew (pp. 318 – 319)

Every year we arrive at this place in the Christian experience of life that we call Advent. And every year we vow to slow down and make more of Advent, to examine how we arrived at this place, and to prepare our hearts for new life — the birth of a baby that changes the course of history. 

This SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10, we offer up our plea, "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus," as we express our hope for the Prince of Peace to come anew into our lives. Michael Riggs brings a message entitled CITY OF BREAD that echoes the prophetic calls of Micah and Ruth.

Take three minutes, now, to remind yourself of where we come from and to that which our hearts always return. Enjoy your journey through Advent … our wish for you is that you find your way back to your "center of love."