Our regular Sunday School Classes will have their final sessions on Sunday, May 22. During the summer, we will have a joint adult class and a joint children’s class June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 10, 17. Our adults will meet in the Chapel. Our children will meet in room 213, where our Faith and Daily Life Class now meets. We will resume our regular Sunday class schedule on Homecoming Sunday — September 11.

The Joint Adult Class will be reading Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery, by Don Richard Riso. This book is available online through Amazon. Britani Hollis will be leading the adult group this summer. She has led our XPLOR residents through this exploration of the enneagram. It is very helpful in understanding ourselves, different personality types, and why we do/say/act the way we do. As we continue to grow together and try to understand each other better as a faithful community, the diversity we have, as well as the reasons and respect for that diversity,  understanding the enneagram seemed to be a path to deepen and learn much more.

Participation in this Sunday School Class will involve some self-study as the enneagram is dense subject matter and our time together is limited. You will need to do some reading on your own in order for our discussion together to be meaningful.

  • June 5 … Week One — read the introductory section of the book  
  • June 12 … Week Two — read the chapters on the Feeling Triad, Types 2, 3, 4
  • June 19 … Week Three — read the chapters on the Thinking Triad, Types 5, 6, 7
  • June 26 … Week Four — read the chapters on the Instinctive Triad, Types 8, 9, 1

We will spend the remaining two weeks in dialogue, using your knowledge of your Enneagram type for growth and may have some articles or other readings.

The Enneagram provides us with a tool to gain the self awareness we need to recognize our default mode and then choose to live with intention rather than in default. Please be prepared to be brutally honest with yourself, as this is the only way to gain anything from Enneagram study.  It sounds a bit harsh, but can actually be a really beautiful and eye opening process — just ask the XPLOR residents!