The Table … it’s the place we gather to nourish our bodies … it’s the place we gather to nourish our souls. The table is the place where community happens. Healthy families gather at the table. Friends gather at the table. They gather to laugh, tell stories, reflect on life and remember the bonds that connect us to each other. The table has always played an important role in building community, whether it’s in one’s home or one’s favorite restaurant.

Jesus was always gathering at the table to eat with people. For some, he was always gathering around the table to eat with the wrong people — the sinners and the tax collectors. No one was excluded from Jesus’ table. Dinner with Jesus was a dinner for anyone who was willing to come. As followers of Jesus, we should be intentional about why we gather and with whom we gather to remember the central story of our faith.

Jesus reminds us of who is invited to the table — the poor, the needy, the blind, the prisoner. What we sometimes forget is that we are the poor, the needy, the blind, and the prisoner. The Kingdom of God is a banquet and we have all been invited. Our table is reserved. It is both a “present” table and a “future” table. Each time we gather at the table and experience rich fellowship, we get a glimpse of what awaits all those who are in Christ.

This Sunday, May 29, we will GATHER AT THE TABLE for worship as we welcome sisters and brothers from FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Rockwood, Tennessee, as they prepare to serve in mission to our community with us. We will share stories of hope and faith, and share messages of resolve and thanksgiving with members of our armed services and families in need. Please join us as we gather at the table …